To promote the launch of Forza Horizon 4, Ken Block and his Hoonicorn head to the Goodwood Estate to do what they do best – slide around while smoke billows off the tyres. The video is shorter than his usual Gymkhana videos, but Block still packs it full of action.

As a refresher, the Hoonicorn looks like a 1965 Ford Mustang but is a completely bespoke machine underneath the vintage appearance. A methanol-fueled, twin-turbo 6.7-litre V8 built by Rousch Yates pumps out 1,400bhp. An all-wheel-drive system lets Block make the most of the massive output.

After arriving at the estate, Block starts out by skidding the Hoonicorn around some strategically positioned classic race cars, including an Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ford Lotus Cortina. An old-school Mini in Union Jack livery becomes a plaything for the Hoonicorn to do donuts around.

During World War II, Goodwood became an airbase. Block pays tribute to this part of the place's history by next finding a parked Supermarine Spitfighter fighter plane. Naturally, he decides to slide the Hoonicorn around this classic aircraft, too, and then takes a spin around a nearly empty hangar.

Finally, Block ends up in front of the Goodwood House with an array of supercars parked nearby. More donuts ensue.

Forza Horizon 4 went on sale on October 2. It includes around 450 vehicles to drive at launch, including the Hoonicorn and other machines in the Hoonigan fleet. Even more models are on the way from regularly released downloadable car packs. The first of these is the 10-vehicle Best of Bond Car Pack that's available now. It includes the super spy's famous Aston Martin DB5, in addition to some of Bond's rides like a 1977 Lotus Esprit and BMW Z8.

Block isn't the only one helping promote Forza Horizon 4. McLaren also helped by creating a video of the Senna hypercar racing up the Goodwood hill climb course with a trio of motocross motorcycles. 

Source: Forza via YouTube