Two weeks ago to the day Ferrari announced the Monza SP1 and SP2. A preview the night before the official announcement and a handful of Instagram photos spoiled Ferrari’s thunder. However, our gawking at poorly-lit images and speculating about performance only lasted a day until the Italian automaker dropped official high-res pictures and some juicy details. Now, the pair is making its public debut at the Paris Motor Show. 

The latest from the Paris Motor Show:

The two are the first in Ferrari’s new Icona series – new cars that blend Ferrari’s evocative styling of the 1950s with the latest sports car technology today. Both are based on the front mid-engined 812 Superfast. 

Ferrari Monza SP1

The Monzas use a 6.5-litre V12 engine; however, horsepower is up over the Superfast – 809 bhp compared to 789 bhp in the 812, which is Maranello’s most powerful engine ever. This sends the pair from zero to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds with a top speed greater than 186 mph. Zero to 124 mph takes 7.9 seconds.

Ferrari Monza SP2

While the performance is notable, the pair’s design is remarkable. The open-top roadsters – barchettas – look more race car than road car, even though both are road legal. The SP1 features a single-seat driver’s bay with a tonneau cover stretching over the space where the passenger would sit. The SP2 features a second seat with a roll bar. Inside, amenities are sparse.

Ferrari Monza SP1

One challenge to creating the open-air roadster pair was managing the aerodynamic flow. Ferrari patented the “Virtual Wind Shield,” which is in front of the instrument panel and steering wheel. It helps deviate a part of the airflow to give the driver some comfort. Ferrari says the open-air design and power will give occupants “the feeling of blistering speed normally only experienced by Formula 1 drivers.” We have to agree after looking at the design and spec sheet.

Ferrari hasn't announced pricing or production numbers. However, expect pricing to be high and production low. 

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