The 911 GT3 RS – regarded as the ultimate 911. While all 911s look almost the same, the GT3 RS stands out in a lot of ways, including its massive rear wing, the air vents, and the lack of real emblems (they’re decals in the GT3 RS). The exterior is literally just the surface, as Porsche employed significant weight savings to this 911 for it to become the ultimate road-going track monster. Or is it?

The greatness of the 911 GT3 RS:

In this video, we found that the GT3 RS isn’t just made to race on clean race tracks. Jack Lumber put his (presumably) GT3 RS on a dirt track and drove it like a rally car.

While some may feel offended with how this six-digit-pound race car has been punished on a dirt track, it’s somehow satisfying to watch – so as long as it’s the owner who’s behind the wheel. Either way, it’s none of our business; let’s just enjoy the show.


Now for those uninitiated, the 911 GT3 RS is a menace on the race track. It recorded a sub-seven-minute lap time on the dreaded Nurburgring, which was even faster than the record set by the 918 Spyder back in 2013.

Under the GT3 RS’ bonnet (the facelifted 991.2 GT3 RS) is a 4.0-litre power plant that delivers 512 bhp and 347 pound-feet of torque. It has a top speed of 194 mph and can go from standstill to 62 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Along with the tremendous amount of downforce pushing down this 1,430 kg machine, the 911 GT3 RS is truly a solid race car to watch on the track. Well, apparently, it's fun to watch on dirt, too – along with some classical music in the background.

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