The return of the 935 “Moby Dick” – a long-tailed icon from the 1970s – was met with hazy eyes full of nostalgia. It’s a classic, and its comeback as a modern racer was something that Porsche motorsport fans should celebrate about. It is, after all, a birthday gift from the Stuttgart-based automaker to its patrons from all over the world.

The rebirth of a motorsport icon:

It also helped that the rebirth of this legend came with a retro livery, paying homage to Porsche’s 70th anniversary. However, it looks like the party has completely ended, and the Porsche 935 took off its retro-suit and put on a more serious guise for an intense session at Monza Circuit.

Porsche 935

Captured in this video from Youtube’s 19Bozzy92, the Porsche 935 “Moby Dick” was seen making rounds at the Italian racetrack in an all-black livery, exuding a Batmobile-esque appeal. While the retro suit is nostalgic at all levels, the full black suit looked sinister and menacing at the same time, which fits the monster that the 935 bodywork hides underneath.

Porsche 935

Before you watch the video above, make sure you have your headphones on as the Porsche 935 was a growler, unable to hide the 911 GT2 RS hidden under the long-tailed body. Trust us; it’s better to watch the video with the volume knob at full blast. The 691-bhp twin-turbo 3.8-litre engine was putting on a show, pushing the 935 to prove its prowess on the racetrack.

Porsche 935

If you’re wondering if you’ll ever see the new 935 out on the streets like a normal Porsche, we regret to inform you that it won’t be possible as Porsche announced that the ultra-limited model will only be made for the track. Besides, only 77 cars will be produced and seeing it up close and personal would be like a shot at the lottery.

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