They say that women (not all) are attracted to shiny things. Now, how about this – a Lamborghini covered in 1.3 million Swarovski crystals.

While it’s only natural for someone to bespoke his or her prized possession, this one-of-a-kind bodywork stands out in a parking lot more than anything else. At first glance, we thought it was just a sparkling custom paint job on a Huracan. However, a closer look revealed a much more expensive bodywork, not to mention tedious, one can employ on an already expensive supercar.

Owning a Huracan:

Using red (or pink?) Swarovski crystals, the Huracan spotted in a parking lot in France gave off a glittery finish while it basked under the hot sun. We can only imagine the total price of the entire bespoke creation, considering that the material used is commonly seen in jewelry items that women love.

Of course, it attracted the attention of people in the area, as the car was really a sight to behold. The bespoke bodywork was apparent from the front clip up to the rear end, which surprisingly didn't eschew the Huracan’s character lines – although it did make the car look like one of Stephenie Meyer’s vampires who sparkle under the sun.

Now, if you think that the crystal-studded Huracan was owned by a girl, you’re probably right. At the end of the video, the owner (presumably) got inside the vehicle and drove off away from the sea of amazed spectators.

Two lessons here: a 610-bhp supercar isn’t just for machismo and overly-manly men out there; girls love them, too, along with a 'little' customization. The other lesson would be this – you now have a way to buy a Huracan without telling your wife and she will still thank you when she sees it. You’re welcome.

Source: G-E Supercars via Youtube

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