Almost 4,000 people were killed or seriously injured on the roads of London last year, new statistics have shown.

According to Transport for London (TfL) figures, 131 people were killed, while 3,750 were seriously injured on the city’s streets.

More shocking road safety stats:

The vast majority of those killed (87 percent) were not motorists, but pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists, and those groups also accounted for more than half of all serious injuries.

In fact, the number of pedestrians killed in 2017 was up by around 10 percent, while the number of motorcyclists killed rose five percent.

The news comes just months after the mayor, Sadiq Khan, launched his ‘Vision Zero’ scheme, which plans to reduce speed limits on London’s roads, improve dangerous junctions and increase traffic enforcement.

2018 Toyota Mirai Metropolitan Police

Eventually, it is hoped that Vision Zero will prevent all road deaths and serious injuries by 2041.

Lilli Matson, director of transport strategy at TfL, said the figures highlighted the need for Vision Zero’s safety measures.

“These new figures show why our Vision Zero approach is so important,” she said. “We refuse to accept that any death or serious injury on London's roads is acceptable or inevitable and will continue to work with the police and all boroughs to meet our target of eliminating all death and serious injury from London's roads by 2041.

Speed camera sign on busy city road

“This work includes targeting dangerous drivers, investing in safer junctions, removing the most dangerous Heavy Goods Vehicles from London's roads and working closely with boroughs to implement 20mph speed limits, as well as delivering lower speed limits on parts of our own Transport for London Road Network.”

City of London Police's Inspector Paul Doyle, meanwhile, said education in road safety was the key to improving the city’s road safety.

“While road fatalities are rare in the city, even one death is one too many,” he said. “It's really important all road users are reminded of the key aspects of road safety.

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“As a force, we regularly take part in awareness-raising initiatives to target individual groups such as motorbike riders, cyclists, drivers and pedestrians to educate them of specific things they can do to protect themselves and others.”

Robert Revill, superintendent from the MPS Roads and Transport Policing Command, said the police was also bolstering enforcement in a bid to reduce the number of casualties.

“The MPS Roads and Transport Policing Command, in partnership with TfL, will continue its important work to reduce road danger through the enforcement, education and engagement activities,” he assured the public.

Night view busy UK Motorway traffic jam at night

“We are intensifying efforts on those that cause the most risk on our roads and will take action against those that break the law. Excess speed, poor concentration and other risky road user behaviour are undisputed contributors to road traffic collisions in London. The consequences are devastating for victims and their families.

“Our message is clear, we won't tolerate illegal and dangerous behaviour will take robust action against those that do.”