Every car enthusiast has a scaled down replica of something, be it a small Hot Wheels Chevy Camaro, or one of the amazing large-scale die-cast Ferrari replicas from Amalgam. Porsche has a new offering in the scale world with its record-setting 919 Hybrid race car, beautifully recreated in 1:8 scale. The detail is extraordinary, with Porsche telling us it’s accurate to one-tenth of a millimeter. That seems like a crazy number, but there's another number relating to this model that might rock your world. This mini-me 919 costs as much as a brand-new sub-compact hatchback – specifically, $14,689 or 11,273 GBP at the current exchange rates.

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That’s no small amount of money for a display piece by any stretch, though it is admittedly a freaking awesome model. Should you wake up one morning and discover you’ve shrunk through the night, you could probably get behind the wheel and drive this thing away. The doors open to reveal a detailed cockpit, and the engine cover is removable as well. Beneath it is a faithful recreation of the 919’s hybrid powertrain, including the 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder. How cool is that?

Porsche 919 Hybrid Scale Model
Porsche 919 Hybrid Scale Model

Porsche says the model requires over 3,000 hours of work to create. Parts are created through digital machining as well as traditional and hand-crafted methods, using a range of materials including pewter and aluminium. The car is shipped with a showcase that includes 919 stats and performance figures, as well as the specific production number of the model. Only 100 will be built, and 96 are already spoken for, so the price certainly isn't keeping able buyers at bay.

Yes, the price is steep, but judging by the detail and materials used, this nifty 919 could be worth it. There’s no denying it would make an awesome addition to any supercar garage, and with only four left, we suspect it won’t be long before those are gone as well.

Source: Porsche

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