These days it seems like a new apocalypse-certified off-roader pops up on a regular basis. Frankly, it’s a bit unnerving – do these people know something about the future that the rest of us don’t? Canadian-based Roshel Defence Solutions is the latest company to toss its hat into the ring with a very imposing vehicle called the Senator APC, and as you can see, it’s not what you’d call subtle.

Be prepared for anything with these vehicles:

Roshel Senator ARV

“With our new Armoured Rescue Vehicle, we didn’t want to create just another regular armoured Truck,” said Roman Shimonov, CEO of Roshel Defence Solutions. “We set ourselves a goal to achieve a technical and innovative breakthrough in the field of tactical response vehicles.”

Roshel Senator ARV

In that realm, we’d say the Senator is a success and not just because it wears a bullet-proof suit of armour. It is technically an armoured personnel carrier (APC); as such its steel skin is MIL-spec certified and the glass can withstand .50 calibre rounds. It has a blast-resistant floor too, and when it comes to fighting back the Senator offers various gun ports, escape hatches, and a turret up top that Roshel says can be fitted with “mission-specific equipment and modifications.” It’s probably safe to assume we all know what that means.

Roshel Senator ARV

Armour isn’t necessarily high-tech, but the equipment inside certainly is. The Senator has something called a CBRN system, which stands for chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (yes, nuclear). In short, it’s a self-containing air conditioning and filtration system so no matter what’s happening outside, the 10-12 passengers inside can literally breathe easy.

Roshel Senator ARV

It can also detect all kinds of gases and radiation levels, and if hell is breaking loose outside, the Senator has various surveillance systems including thermal imagers, high-resolution cameras, and enough exterior lighting to signal rovers on Mars. If that’s not enough, Roshel says the Senator can be configured multiple ways to include ladders, hydraulic ramps, and plows to mow down zombies clear obstacles out of the SUV's path.

Roshel Senator ARV

Roshel tells us the Senator is built “on a heavy-duty commercial platform” but stops short of identifying a specific manufacturer. Judging by the photos of the front-seat accommodations, this particular model clearly has Ford interior bits and obviously it’s four-wheel drive, so we’ll guess there’s a Super Duty beneath all the combat-ready gear. That’s reinforced by the 6.7-litre turbocharged diesel under the bonnet, which presumably is a Powerstroke mill.

Roshel Senator ARV

As you probably expect, this tactical machine is only available to law enforcement and government agencies, and everything is custom-order so pricing isn't available, but you know it won't be cheap. However, Roshel did tell us that a lesser-equipped civilian version is available for those who have a need and/or desire to be the baddest person on the block. In other words, if you're sick of your neighbour's Rezvani Tank, now you have an answer.

Gallery: Roshel Senator Armored Rescue Vehicle

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Roshel Unveils Its New Senator Armored Rescue Vehicle


Mississauga, ON, Canada, September 26, 2018 – Roshel Defence Solutions, a North American
armored vehicle manufacturer, presents its new Armored Rescue Vehicle, an armored personnel
carrier that has been specifically designed and engineered for Special Response, Tactical and
SWAT teams.

The vehicle is fitted with MIL-spec certified ballistic steel and .50 caliber-rated
bullet resistant glass capable of withstanding multiple hits, one-piece blast-resistant floor, gun
ports, escape hatches equipped with a mounted turret system as well as mission specific equipment
and modifications. The vehicle is primarily used by Special Response and SWAT officers in North
America to protect civilians during hostile situations, terrorist threats, hostage incidents and natural
disasters. The vehicle comes in various layouts and door-configurations (2-door, 4-door, hydraulic
ramp), depending on the mission.

The new vehicle’s design integrates active protection systems that ensure maximum operational
efficiency. Due to innovative engineering, along with providing a high level of ballistic protection,
the vehicle remains lightweight and responsive and offers increased payload capability. While
being able to comfortably transport up to 10-12 fully equipped officers, the Senator Armored
Rescue Vehicle features the industry’s shortest wheelbase starting from 130ʺ, which allows it to
be highly maneuverable in the cities with a turning radius of 17.5ʺ. The Senator’s high ground
clearance, four-wheel drive and 6.7L turbo diesel engine provides efficient off-road capabilities
for natural disaster operations.

To stay ahead of its competition in its new vehicle, Roshel has developed and implemented a series
of innovative tactical solutions, such as integrated Roshel’s CBRN (chemical, biological,
radiological and nuclear) system offering a built-in air conditioning and filtration solution,
eliminating the need for personal gas masks in the fully insulated vehicle; explosive gas detection
system with the capability to detect and measure toxic and explosive gases; highly accurate
radiation detection system; Mil-spec heavy-duty electric winch; IED blast seats; and emergency
and convoy lighting package.

The vehicle also features advanced built-in observation, surveillance
and security systems including a high-resolution camera with a thermal imager and long-range
infrared projector, and 360-degree security cameras installed around the perimeter of the vehicle
along with the two-way communication system. All collected tactical data can be transmitted
through the encrypted channel to the command control centre.

The Senator could optionally be upgraded with ladders and hydraulic ramps designed for upperlevel
entries as well as a front plow to overcome obstacles such as fences, gates, barricades and

Recently, the Senator Armored Rescue Vehicle has successfully undergone extensive ballistic and
operational testing against most common Special Response and Tactical Teams’ requirements,
including steerability, stability, braking capability, tilt-table strengths and others. The Roshel’s
vehicle is based on a heavy-duty commercial platform with widely available spare parts to keep
its maintenance easy and low-cost.

An official release of the vehicle will be held at 2018 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition, the
largest defence trade show in North America, which will take place on October 8-10, 2018, in
Washington, DC, USA (Roshel’s booth #2835).

“With our new Armored Rescue Vehicle, we didn’t want to create just another regular armored
truck. We set ourselves a goal to achieve a technical and innovative breakthrough in the field of
tactical response vehicles. By employing engineering knowhow, innovative design as well as
advanced electronic tactical components and security systems, we are now offering the next
generation of rescue vehicles for law enforcement community. We have already taken several
government orders for the new vehicle, and we are getting lots of interest from our North
American and international clients,” says Roman Shimonov, CEO of Roshel Defence Solutions.