Arguably one of the prettiest cars to carry the three-pointed star, the 230 SL of the W113 generation with its distinctive “Pagoda” hardtop roof has a timeless design we could stare at for hours and hours. Give the car to the interior experts at Carlex Design and they’ll make the cabriolet even more desirable courtesy of a completely reworked interior.

Modern cars have also been beautified by Carlex Design

The owner of this lovely Pagoda decided to go with a brown interior finished in two shades and with leather just about everywhere you look. It’s on those fantastic seats, on top of the dashboard, the centre console, and also on the door panels. The retro-styled seams give the cabin a cozy feel, as does the abundance of leather where you’d normally find the regular floor mats.

Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda by Carlex Design

Subtle wood accents here and there further contribute to the warm atmosphere the Mercedes oozes, enhanced by those leather straps on the doors where the conventional storage pockets have been replaced by small briefcases also wrapped in leather. Speaking of places to store stuff, behind the seats there’s a bespoke cargo area finished in a similar two-tone theme with the finest leather Carlex Design has to offer.

Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda by Carlex Design

The attention to detail is downright amazing as even the sun visors have been given the leather treatment, much like the steering wheel rim, the gearbox level, as well as the central armrest. All of the metallic surfaces have received Carlex Design’s TLC and now shine brighter than the sun.

Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda by Carlex Design

Mercedes’ talented designers Paul Bracq and Béla Barényi did a great job back in the 1960s when the Pagoda originally came out, so the aftermarket specialist from Poland decided not to mess around with the convertible’s already gorgeous body.

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