Carting your collection of race cars to the track every weekend is arduous – and so 1999. Today’s racing aficionados need something better – a direct, on-site location to store vehicles, entertain guests, and live. And that’s something Brainerd International Raceway in Minnesota, USA is offering to a handful of lucky racers and enthusiasts. Right now, the track has two luxury houses trackside. While both have the same layout, each is customised to the likes of the owner. 

The first one shown has a clean, modern look, with a gaggle of supercars in the five-car garage. The first-floor toilet sink is a Hoosier tyre. Each luxury garage has three levels – first-floor garage, second-floor living quarters, and third-floor observation deck. The first garage even had a turntable at the back so a car could spin on display. The second floor houses the living quarters – two bedrooms, a lounge that looks down into the garage, and a full kitchen and bathroom. It’s a two-bedroom detached home atop a racing enthusiast's dream garage. The third floor offers a large observation deck that overlooks the BIR grounds. The second garage has a rustic appearance with lots of wood throughout. This garage holds several NASCAR cars from different eras. 

Right now, there are only two garages on the property with the company planning 10 such buildings shortly. When you purchase one of these garages, you get more than just a space to live and play. Owners have 24/7 access to the race track and facilities, lake access, and tickets to every raceway event. It sounds like the perfect package for someone who loves all things motorsports. 

Luxury garages aren’t new, but they’ve certainly increased in luxury over the last few years. People want the ultimate experience when it comes to racing their vehicles and consuming the sport. Luxury garages at the race track seem like a natural progression.