U.S. President Donald Trump is addressing the United Nations on September 24, and he's taking the new Beast limo to get there. As of June, since his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the President was still using his old ride. This trip to Manhattan was the first opportunity for most folks to see the new way for the Commander-in-Chief to get around.

The Beast Is Back

The new Beast takes on modern Cadillac styling cues with headlights that cascade from the front wings over the front end. A tiny version of the brand's badge sits at the top of the broad grille. The overall aesthetic is far sleeker than the very upright proportions of the President's previous limo.


Underneath the Cadillac-inspired skin, there's the modified chassis from a Chevrolet medium-duty truck. Tons of armor protects the President and pushes the Beast's weight to an alleged 6,800 to 9,000 kilograms. The Secret Service keeps thelimo's equipment under tight secrecy to keep potential attackers from knowing what the vehicle can do. The features allegedly include a fire suppression system, night vision camera, tear gas launcher, sealed cabin with air filtration, and chaff emitter to prevent an attempted missile attack. If the worst happens, a supply of the President's blood type is onboard to start first aid immediately. Highly encrypted communications equipment means that the Commander-in-Chief is never out of touch. There are probably even more top-secret capabilities, too.

Trump The Beast Video

As this video shows, the President's massive motorcade actually includes two Beasts, and they both appear to have Trump inside. This is another way to deter attacks because a bad guy wouldn't know which one to go after.

The Secret Service said that it intended to begin using the new Beast in late summer 2018. This video indicates the rollout is right on schedule.

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