A whole different world from your typical backstreet garage.

Changing the tyres on your car can be either a daunting experience, or one you don't care about, depending on your outlook.

Some don't want to shell out on decent rubber because it is yet another expense that comes with driving; while some that lack the knowledge may feel they're being played by back street garages when they're getting their car's boots changed.

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Pirelli Performance Centre, Burton on Trent

Pirelli does away with all of that at each of its 122 Pirelli Performance Centres across the UK. The high-tech tyre fitting facilities have been around since 1998, while the company's flagship store (and the only one to be completely owned by the Italian brand) in Burton on Trent has been around for the last couple of years.

The Midlands facility is just around the corner from Pirelli's UK factory (Pirelli being one of just two companies left in the UK that make tyres along with Cooper-owned Avon), and acts as a training centre and template for the entire Pirelli Performance Centre network. Each centre, including the one in Burton, has to go through a demanding 130-point inspection twice each year to keep it in line with Pirelli's vigorous standards – and walking into the spotless Pirelli Performance Centre in Burton, it shows.

Pirelli Performance Centre, Burton on Trent

The network places a huge emphasis on technological development and has invested in tens of thousands of pounds worth of hi-tech equipment at each facility. That not only protects cars, wheels and tyres from being damaged in the process like could be the case at less-reputable garages, but it also helps protect the highly-trained staff who can do their jobs without the risk of injury thsnks to the improved safety (and elimination of most heavy lifting) brought about by the tools at their disposal.

A key focus for Pirelli and the Pirelli Performance Centre network is performance cars. Pirelli works with the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Pagani, and Porsche to produce bespoke tyres for their cars, and the Pirelli Performance Centre gives owners of those cars the perfect place to change tyres while not having to worry about their pride and joy.

Pirelli Performance Centres don't just focus on supercars and exotics though, any car can be catered for, and each get the same dedicated tratment not matter what.

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