It's not often that you get to see a race between some of the world's fastest vehicles, but that's exactly what happened in Istanbul, as the Turkish city played host to Teknofest, the space and technology festival.

At Istanbul's imaginatively named New Airport, which is not yet completed, a Tesla Model S race car took on an F-16 fighter plane and a Kawasaki H2R racing bike, among others, in one of the world's greatest drag races.

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Alongside the electric saloon, fighter jet, F1 car and superbike were some more conventional vehicles, including a Lotus Evora 410, as well as an Aston Martin Vantage and a Challenger 605 business jet.

Tesla's famous driver Emma Kimilainen, piloted the electric vehicle, while Red Bull Racing's F1 car was in the capable hands of Jake Dennis, one of the team's test drivers. The bike, meanwhile, was ridden by Turkish rider Kenan Sofuoğlu, who won the World Supersport Championship five times.

The vehicles and pilots were competing over a quarter-mile of the New Airport's runways and taxiways, which are not expected to open until November 1.

Kenan Sofuoğlu F16 ve F1 Aracına Karşı Yarıştı

Eventually, the race was won by Sofuoğlu, whose superbike narrowly pipped the F1 car to the post, thanks to its comparatively light weight. The F-16 came home in third, ahead of the Tesla, while the Evora came last, after being just beaten by the Challenger.

Sofuoğlu, who went into politics after retiring from racing, said he didn't know whether he had beaten the F1 car until he saw the photo finish.

"It was a really close race," he said. "We crossed the finish line so close to each other that I didn't know who won until I saw the photo finish. I was curious about this race for years. The F-16 would have been faster if they had taken off, but we found the optimal circuit and conditions to race under equal conditions."

Source: Turkey