This isn’t exactly breaking news, but there are all kinds of auto-related accessories for people who simply can’t get cars off the brain. Odds are exceeding good that, if you’re reading this right now, you at least have one (or all) of these items at your house: a diecast scale model car, a brake-rotor clock, or a hat with an automaker logo on it. Hopefully, you don’t have a manufacturer-branded necktie. Please, don’t be that guy.

You probably don’t have a Lamborghini desk, but you could if you act fast. This Aventador-themed workstation comes from a company called Design Epicentrum, but only 44 will be made and supplies are 'getting small' according to the manufacturer’s website. To answer the obvious question, no these aren’t repurposed from actual supercars. They’re fibreglass replicas custom-built for each customer with an emphasis on the word custom. That's because 200 colour combinations are available, and you can change everything from the wheels to the brakes and even the style and placement of the desktop.

Lamborghini Aventador Desk
Lamborghini Aventador Desk

The desks are hand-built of course, and with just a limited supply available it’s a foregone conclusion that such furniture won’t be inexpensive. Prices aren’t listed for these custom creations but you can bet they’ll be a bit more than what you’d pay at the local office supply shop. If you have the means, however, know that this same company also makes supercar sofas. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

We’re not often tempted by such things, simply because we’re already constantly awash in all things automotive. However, there’s something about this desk that tickles every 10-year-old bone we have in our bodies. Perhaps we’d feel differently if the desk was modeled after the front of a Porsche Cayenne or Nissan Micra. At least then we could actually get some work done instead of lounging all day on our supercar sofa looking at the front of this cool desk. Time to sell another kidney.

Source: Design Epicentrum

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