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Free time is such a luxurious commodity these days. I, for one, spend these hours to catch some sleep when I’m not writing about cars or making music. Or maybe go on a long road trip to drive my stress away. Such simple things complete my day. However, the guys from MasterMilo82 on Youtube had something else in mind.

In this video, they got an old, beat-up Opel Astra, and tested what would happen if they shift into reverse while running 62 mph. Now, if they did this in their free time or they really just have an awful lot of expendable hours, that’s not of our concern right now.

They're not the first ones to test this. Here are the others:

To be fair, putting your transmission in reverse while running at speed isn’t something that could affect modern cars, especially those with automatic gearboxes. These vehicles already have fail-safe mechanisms to ignore such a reckless mistake. However, the car in the video was an old beater, a 1990s Astra F (first generation), and equipped with a manual transmission. It’s even older than the 1998 Chevy Prizm that another guy tried to experiment on, but failed to get an explosive result.

All of these point to one direction – total destruction of the car; except that, it didn’t.

At 62 mph the Astra didn’t allow the stick to go into reverse position. To our disappointment, nothing happened, except for some crank noises. The testers were pretty disappointed, too, so they tested out the same procedure but this time, they did it while incrementally increasing the speed.

At 12 mph and 22 mph the car stopped and went in reverse. It even allowed to completely drive backward. They then tried 31 mph; the car was put into reverse gear but it almost stalled. They went further at 43 mph and this stalled the car completely.

Watch the whole video above to see the results for yourself.

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