Range anxiety is still a big turn-off for potential electric car buyers, but fear not. The UK's best-selling EV is about to get a range increase.

Nissan has revealed that a longer range version of the Leaf will be launched in the future. It is expected to come with a 60-kWh drivetrain, improving on the 40-kWh drivetrain currently available in the second-generation Leaf which was launched earlier this year.

Second generation Nissan Leaf

A date for the launch of the highly anticipated 60-kWh version, which will reportedly come with active thermal management for the battery pack, has yet to be confirmed. However, delve deep into the US pricing press release for the new Leaf and you'll find a subtle confirmation of an improved version of the electric car.

2018 Nissan Leaf driven

"A longer-range version will be available in the future," reads the release, marking the first time Nissan has acknowledged that a longer range Leaf is on the way.

The second-generation version of the Leaf hit the market this year, replacing the best-selling original which became the UK's best-selling electric car. It was a lot more than a facelift – it has completely revised styling, presenting a more refined and subtle style as opposed to the futuristic design of the original.

2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo

Although a range-extended 60 kWh is on the way, the launch version of the Leaf already had dramatically improved range capabilities. The driving range of the second-generation Leaf has a combined cycle range of 168 miles – a 50 percent increase on the old car.

A Nismo version – the world's first all-electric hot hatch – also joined the lineup with the new car, but sadly only in Japan. It has a retuned ECU for more responsive acceleration and also uses upgraded tyres and suspension for improved handling and ride comfort. It doesn't have any performance enhancements to the drivetrain, but it does have an exterior body kit and interior changes to make sure that it well and truly looks the part. We don't yet know whether the Leaf Nismo will also be available with the 60-kWh drivetrain.

The standard second generation leaf is currently available from £21,990.

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