Wrench is an upcoming video game for PC that's part of the burgeoning sub-genre that lets players virtually pick up some tools and work on a car. This one even supports a virtual reality mode for the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that really immerses you in the action. Or you can play on a traditional monitor.

The trailer (above) focuses on building an engine, which looks a whole lot like a Mazda twin-cam, four-cylinder powerplant out of a first- or second-generation MX-5 Miata. Instructions tell players what to do, and then they handle all of the assembly down to tightening individual bolts to the correct spec with a torque wrench. The clip then teases the next phase of mounting the mill into a sports car. Images on the Facebook page for Wrench show that players then have to handle tasks like putting together the wheel bearings and suspension. 

Put down the wrench and pick up a controller

Games like this seem like they would be a great teaching tool in addition to being a fun experience. Players learn first hand about how all the parts of a car fit together, but there's no worry about breaking an expensive piece of equipment like in the real world. Plus, there's no worry about getting covered in grease and oil. 

Since this is a video game, players aren't limited to the way things look in reality. For example, it's possible to look inside the engine while turning the crank and see the pistons moving.

Wrench will be available on Steam early access this fall, according to the developers. Here's hoping that once you spend countless hours assembling this sports car, you're actually able to get behind the wheel and enjoy the product of so many hours of wrenching in VR.