Do you fit into any of these stereotypes?

At the end of the day a car is not much more than an appliance – a machine that serves a purpose moving you from A to B in relative comfort. However, unlike your washing machine, fridge, or choice of public transport, your choice of car can say a lot about who you are or how you drive.

There is a stereotype for almost every car out there, be it an Audi or an Austin-Healey. Now Irish comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog has poked fun at these clichéd labels in a new video.

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In the sketch group's weekly YouTube upload, the spotlight is shined on Audi, Mercedes-Benz, electric cars, vans, Nissan Micras, the Peugeot 205, Range Rovers, BMWs, and Volvos as a man looks to buy a new car but keeps being pigeon-holed no matter which car he mentions.

"The only drawback is you have to drive it in the bus lanes," quips the salesman when referring to an Audi, while Mercedes are said to only be bought by the over 50s, much like Nissan Micras (according to the video of course – we rather like the latest Micra).

You might even be a Range Rover driver that double parks, a BMW driver from the world of business, or a student stuck driving your parents' car.

Check out the hilarious sketch below:

Are there any car-clichés that they've missed? What about those in the video, do you fall into any of those unfortunate categories?

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