Porsche found surprise success with the limited-production 911 R. The model gave 911 GT3 fans the opportunity to get an even more driver-focused machine with a manual gearbox. Despite an original price of £136,901, values on the second-hand market quickly exploded to hundreds of thousands more. Now, you can own one for just 49.90 euros (£44) – or at least a tiny version. 


The German puzzle and toy company Ravensburger creates this 1:18-scale model that's a little different from what you usually see. Instead of an already completed car or a realistic kit that buyers assemble, the business calls this a 3D puzzle. In essence, it's like a traditional jigsaw puzzle, but the result isn't flat when you're done snapping together the 108 pieces. When complete, the vehicle looks impressive.

Unfortunately, this tiny 911 R lacks the real vehicle's naturally aspirated 4.0-litre flat six that produces 493 bhp and 340 pound-feet of torque and six-speed manual. It also features standard rear-wheel steering, a locking differential at the back, and ceramic-composite brake discs. Porsche only made 991 of them – a reference to the company's internal designation for this generation of the 911.

Take A Closer Look At The Real 911

At the moment, the 911 R 3D puzzle is only available from Porsche's stores in Germany and the automaker's online shop. If you prefer more traditional pieces, Ravensburger also makes a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle that depicts the 911 R, and it only costs 13.49 euros (£12.00 at current exchange rates).

The real 911 R is no longer available, but Porsche already offers the next best thing as the Touring package for the GT3. It shares the 493-bhp engine and six-speed manual with the R. Recent spy shots indicate Porsche possibly developing a convertible variant, too.

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