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Are you tired of being shot at during your cross-continental tours? Are you a James Bond fan who wants to live out a dangerous (and foolish) fantasy? Well we have some good news!

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Trasco, a company based in Bremen, has taken in to modifying Aston Martin's DB11 – and the end result is mightily impressive. The German firm has used the luxury GT car to showcase its new A-Kip lightweight armouring concept. A-Kip is short for Anti-Kidnapping, just in case you were wondering. It says the concept offers protection 'against attacks with handguns, kidnapping, car-jacking or theft of valuables.'

Armored Aston Martin DB11

The armouring that the Aston Martin receives is to Level 4 (which is a lot), but it has been done in the most effective way. To do that it uses ballistic steel and composite materials in the car's doors, as well as Ballistic Glass all-around. You'd expect all the armouring to turn the sporty coupe into a tank, and while it does in terms of protection, the added weight is just 150kgs – and that's just to the curb weight, the car's gross weight remains the same, meaning that there's "no compromise of the vehicle’s performance or comfort characteristics," according to Trasco.

Armored Aston Martin DB11

Underneath the bodywork, there's no changes, so there's the same 600 bhp V12 engine with 516 lb-ft of torque. In fact, the only notable changes to the car's stats sheet will be seen when the car is driven hard – but if you're being shot at on track, maybe you need to rethink your life rather than just your garage.

Armored Aston Martin DB11

If you want this armoured Aston for yourself, head over to JamesEdition where it is currently listed for sale.The price is only available upon request, but even if the enhancements don't weigh much, they will cost a fair bit (although, if they work, they won't cost an arm and a leg). Expect there to be a hefty premium on the DB11's starting price of £144,900.

Armored Aston Martin DB11

If a bulletproof Aston Martin isn't for you but you still want some extra protection, fear not. Trasco says that the A-Kip lightweight armouring concept can be adopted to work on any vehicle, and will always retain their factory appearance – save for the increased thickness of the window glass – allowing them to seamlessly blend in with traffic.

How about a film-used Bond car instead?

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