The success of the Bugatti Divo (pictured above) might open the doors for a whole lot more special vehicles from the hypercar brand. The company allegedly has Superleggera, SS, and Aperta variants of the Chiron on the way, according to Automobile citing unnamed insiders. There might be a high-performance EV in the company's future, too.

As the name implies, the Superleggera would be a lighter version of the Chiron. The company has been working on creating new components to shed pounds like 3D-printed brake callipers and windscreen wipers.

The Chiron SS would be a hardcore version of the hypercar for work on the track, according to Automobile. The new lightweight components might help improve performance, and there's a rumour of the company increasing the output from the 8.0-litre quad-turbo W16 engine.

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Finally, the Chiron Aperta would be the long-rumoured open-roofed version. In this case, a removable panel would give owners the ability to enjoy some wind in their hair. In the past, Bugatti officials have been very clear about not building a version of the hypercar without a top.

In addition, Automobile's insiders claim Porsche, Rimac, Dallara, and Bugatti are discussing the possibility of building an electric vehicle together. Porsche recently acquired 10 percent of the Croatian EV company, and there have been previous rumours of the pair working together on an EV.

To lend a little credence to these rumours, Bugatti has already started expanding the Chiron lineup. In March 2018, the company unveiled the Chiron Sport that was 18 kilograms lighter than the standard car and had a 10-percent stiffer suspension. In July, the firm also introduced the new Sky View roof for the Chiron that installed fixed laminated glass panels in the top that let more light into the cabin and increased headroom by 2.7 centimetres.

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Photo by: Bugatti