It looks like Bugatti is beginning to have a change of heart as far as adding a second model to join the Chiron. In recent years, the Molsheim-based marque has been refuting rumors about the possibility of launching a sedan or an SUV, but now company CEO Stephan Winkelmann mentions time has come for an addition to the Bugatti lineup: “For me the brand is ready to do more than one model.”

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However, it won’t happen right away as parent company Volkswagen Group has bigger fish to fry right now. Bugatti’s boss says he is waiting to receive the necessary investment in order to develop the second model, but it’ll take a while since VAG is making “significant investments in projects like autonomous driving and electric cars.”

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If it will get the stamp of approval, don’t expect the second Bugatti to be a four-door super saloon in the same vein as the 16C Galibier concept from 2009 pictured above. Why? More and more people are buying SUVs to the detriment of saloons, so from a business point of view, it would make more sense for the hypercar marque to come out with a high-riding model.

While this logic makes perfect sense, the statement is surprising taking into consideration an interesting spy image emerged onto the Internet not long ago showing what looked an awfully lot like a Bugatti saloon.

The official word right now is that the company wants to consider several body styles and have a look at customer demand based on regions across the world. Winkelmann reckons that even though a saloon serving as a throwback to the 1927 Royale would be “very credible, I know a lot of people would like it,” an SUV might make more sense financially.

Meanwhile, recent gossip indicates Bugatti has big plans for the Chiron following the unveiling of the track-focused Divo. Apparently, a total of three new derivatives are being considered: SS, Superleggera, and Aperta.

Source: Car Advice

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