Another day, another teaser. This time around, Mercedes is showing the all-new GLE in a different trim compared to yesterday’s shadowy image as the midsize luxury SUV is carrying a more rugged front grille with two horizontal slats flanking the pointed star. Keen-eyed readers will notice the absence of door handles, but that’s just for effect to make the vehicle look sleeker. It’s the same story with the concept-esque oversized wheels – they’re just for show.

You are probably aware by now the next-generation GLE will have very little in common with the outgoing model, which started out in life as the M-Class before switching to the “GLE” moniker for its mid-cycle refresh in 2015. While the exterior won’t be going through dramatic changes, the cabin will represent a significant departure from the old one by adopting a dual screen layout and a less cluttered centre console.

Like it or not, the "coupe" is here to stay

Inline-six engines, mild-hybrid tech, and a sophisticated all-wheel-drive system are all on the cards to make the new GLE better than its predecessor in just about every way you can think of. It’ll also be more comfortable thanks to an increased footprint providing additional room inside the plush cabin. The SUV will switch to a new platform and that should pay dividends in all areas, including performance and efficiency.

With Mercedes kicking its teaser campaign into high gear in recent days, it can only mean the wraps are about to come off the 2019 GLE. The Paris Motor Show starts early October, but trust us when we say the world premiere will occur soon. Very soon. In the meantime, feast your eyes on the adjacent teaser images, but don’t expect the real deal to be as nice as this.

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