It’s no secret that racing is a dangerous sport, that’s why race cars are usually equipped with harnesses, roll-over cages, and a lot more to protect the driver in case of a crash. Drivers do their part as well, by dressing up in racing suits, wearing helmets, and of course, avoiding the accidents themselves.

However, what if the very thing that could protect you from a crash gives up and split in two? That’s the exact thing that happened in this horrifying car crash that happened in the Sunix circuit of the Dominican Republic.

When things go horribly wrong on a race track

As seen in the video above, two cars were going head to head with each other when suddenly, one of the race cars got out of control, slipped, then nudged the other car, which then sent both out of the circuit. The two vehicles slid off the grassy area and crash into a trackside tree, with one car sandwiched between the tree and the other vehicle. This split the former in two, which then catapulted the driver out of the cockpit like a test dummy. The driver, Valentina Tomasello, slammed onto the other race car before landing on the ground.

Fortunately, Tomasello walked away from the incident with minor injuries only. Well, not literally walk away, as she was unconscious when rushed to the hospital, as reported by The Mirror. But she lived to tell the tale and was even able to send a message from her hospital bed.

'Do not worry, I have a fractured right arm but am not in any danger. My head, my skull and my spine are fine. I love you all so much, thank you for your messages. I have been keeping an eye out for your phone calls,' the Venezuelan race car driver added, assuring her fans that she only suffered minor injuries.

Source: Live Leak | The Mirror