The South Korean brand is in Germany for new evaluations.

The latest round of Genesis G80 spy photos is in, and the model is still wearing a heavy disguise. However, some of the additional camo layers at the front have been removed to give us a better look at the overall design. These new shots confirm once again we will be dealing with a brand new vehicle.

Previous spy photo

The current generation of the luxury saloon is essentially an upgraded and revised version of the Hyundai Genesis, which was initially launched before the creation of the Genesis brand. The new car will be more imposing thanks to its slightly larger exterior dimensions and the more pronounced front end. This, in combination with shorter overhangs and a longer bonnet, will help the car look like a true competitor to the established premium brands.

New Genesis G80 spy photo

If you haven’t noticed already, the spy photos you see in the gallery at the bottom are actually taken in Germany. It’s quite interesting to see Genesis testing a future model in Europe, but that makes a lot of sense given the upcoming launch of the brand on the continent in less than two years from now.

The company’s initial plan is to penetrate the premium class in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Switzerland with just a single showroom for each country, located in London, Munich, and Zurich respectively. Once the marque reaches its projected sales there, it will continue to move into other markets across the continent.

New Genesis G80 spy photo

Back to the net-generation G80 saloon, at this point, the powertrain options remain a complete mystery. It’s probably safe to assume the current range of three engines, a 3.8-litre V6, 3.3-litre twin-turbo V6, and a 5.0-litre V8, will carry on, and will be joined by a hybrid variant.

A debut of the revamped machine is expected towards the end of next year.

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