The Nürburgring is famous for many things – it’s arduous length, narrow track, and many blind turns. It’s not a track for amateurs, yet the course allows for open racing where anyone can hop on to try to conquer The Green Hell. This openness means there are plenty of drivers – still wet behind the ears – who are far too inexperienced for the track’s nuances. Often, these novice drivers crash. Sometimes they spin out, narrowly avoiding the metal guardrail or another car. Other times, the car hits the barrier, scattering broken chunks of debris across the track. Rarely is anyone hurt; however, crashing here does sting the ego, which can have a life-long effect. One Seat Ibiza driver learned the hard way how badly you could hurt your ego. 

Watch the Nurburgring claim more victims

The short, 28-second video, shows the white Seat Ibiza crash from two different angles. The three-door hatch tries to take the corner, but it’s driving too fast. In a panic, the driver slams on the brakes, locking the wheels. The anti-lock brake system doesn’t engage for some reason. White smoke billows from the front tires as the hatch struggles for grip. Black tire marks scorch the pavement. You can see the driver turning the wheels, trying to direct the Ibiza through the turn, but the car continues straight, hitting the guardrail. 

The car bounces off the metal railing so hard three tyres come off the ground before it skids on its front bumper and slams back down to the track. You can see the airbags deploy, too. The Seat comes to rest in the middle of the track down by the next turn. You can see one front wheel broken from its axle, barely staying attached to the car. Both the driver and passenger get out, hopping over the guardrail to safety. It appears neither are hurt. 

It’s doubtful the driver could do much to avoid the crash once the wheels locked. He was driving way too fast for the track, and the corner got the best of him. Thankfully, both walked away even if the Ibiza needed to be towed. There’s no word on how long it’ll take the driver’s ego to recover.