With the whole 'back to school' routine in full swing, heavy fines and even license endorsements are being proposed for those who park on pavements during the school run.

A survey by online parking portal YourParkingSpace.co.uk found that more than 10 percent of those questioned would like to see a fine of up to £100 for pavement parkers.

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That's not all though – some suggested even harsher punishments. Two percent of the survey said they would welcome community service for pavement parkers; five percent said three points on an 'offender's' driving license would be a sensible punishment, while four percent thought driving awareness courses would be the best option. Altogether nearly half of those surveyed said they would support some form of punishment for those who parked ont he pavement.

"Pavement parking provokes strong opinions, with a sizeable number of Brits baying for harsh punishments," said Harrison Woods, managing director at YourParkingSpace.co.uk. "A number of motorists think there’s nothing wrong with stopping on a pavement but for others it’s a definite no-no because of the inconvenience it can cause to pedestrians."

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The reasons behind motorists parking on the pavement vary. Almost one in five give the excuse that there is nowhere else to park, while 2 per cent said it was due to being in a rush.

The Department of Transport is currently considering a review of current traffic legislation which would make pavement parking completely illegal nationwide. Right now it is only illegal in London.