Here’s a morsel of Americana for this Labor Day holiday in the States. Chevrolet isn’t taking time off to cook hot dogs – it’s pulling heavy camo covers off the much anticipated mid-engine Corvette and turning laps at the Nürburgring. We last saw the new supercar about a month ago in racing trim, revealing the big side intakes and swooping nose. It wasn’t entirely clear if the striking shape was all Corvette or still some clever coverings, but this new batch of photos of what appears to be a road-going version sports a similar pair of side intakes, though slightly less aggressive.

More Corvette C8

The new photos certainly give our best look yet of the C8, especially at the rear showing the engine cover and quad exhaust outlets. It’s possible that engine cover is still a placeholder for the real deal, and the taillights could still be pre-production as well. Still, with the heavy covers removed the new C8 definitely has a recognisable backside that shows Corvette lineage with the general shape of the fascia. It's a little less iconic up front, where we can't help but see shades of the Ferrari 360 underneath that camo wrap. Those headlights could be placeholders too, so we're very interested to see what Chevrolet has in store to make its mid-engine Corvette stand out in a crowd of ever-increasing mid-engine supercars.

Source: CarPix

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