The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe may look odd with its bulbous exterior and salooon-like shape, but underneath is plenty of AMG goodness that makes it a capable track star. The video above shows the large coupe-like saloon attacking the Nürburgring like any other sports car – and it sounds mean, too. The video shows two Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S saloons – a standard model and the exclusive Edition 1 offering. 

For those who can’t recall, the Edition 1 is a unique model only available for the car’s first 12 months of sales, and it takes the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S to the next level with exterior and interior tweaks alike. However, it costs a lot. Starting price is €185,342, which makes it one of the most expensive Mercedes-AMG models you can buy outside the Project One. Start saving those pennies. 

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It produces 630bhp and 664lb-ft of torque, while a nine-speed automatic channels power to all four wheels. The massive luxury GT sprints to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. Top speed is 195 mph. Inside, it’s all about loaded luxury. It’s just as lovely as the cabin of the CLS and has plenty of one-off Edition 1 goodies to let passengers know this GT 4-Door Coupe means business. 

The video shows both the Edition 1 and GT 63 S rocketing around the famous race track, the exhaust popping from the rear. It’s not as loud as you’d expect, but it’s plenty to scare would-be street races from messing with an otherwise innocuous saloon. The large saloon looks comical on the narrow track, but as we know by now looks don’t mean a darn thing when it comes to performance – and the GT 63 S certainly packs performance. 

Source: cvdzijden - Supercar Videos