There should be few complaints from auto enthusiasts looking to sit down after a day of wrenching on the car and watch some motoring entertainment. There seems to be more car content on TV and various streaming services than ever before, catering to a variety of enthusiasts. You have staples like Top Gear and The Grand Tour on the menu. Then you have other shows hitting services like Netflix, which has several new programmes in development. However, one show has been conspicuously absent the last few years, though it won't be for long. Fifth Gear – born from the ashes of Top Gear in the early 2000s will return next week with an all-new season hitting Quest TV. 

Fifth Gear latest news

To build excitement for the new season, Fifth Gear dropped a trailer ahead of the shows Sept. 6 return. It shows the team – Tiff Needell, Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jonny Smith, and Jason Plato – up to their usual automotive antics. There are a few new faces, too, including former-Formula 1 driver Karun Chandhok, who currently serves as Williams F1 team's heritage collection driver and reports on Channel 4's F1 coverage. 

Fifth Gear may live in the shadow of Top Gear; however, the show’s unique personalities and relaxed – often laidback – take on reviewing new and exciting cars makes it stand out from the over-the-top ridiculousness that is usually the forte of Top Gear. Different strokes for different folks. 

Fifth Gear has had a bumpy ride in the last decade. Channel 5 canceled the show in 2011 before it moved to the Discovery Channel a year later. It then moved to ITV4 and History Channel before getting canceled again in 2016. Now, though, it appears the hiatus is over and fans of the show will soon have new episodes to enjoy. The new season starts next week, Sept. 6, on quest TV. 

Source: Fifth Gear via YouTube