British sports car manufacturer Morgan has collaborated with barbers Truefitt and Hill to create a range of hair products.

The two companies will resurrect two grooming products that became essentials for the gentlemen who drove open-top cars a century ago.

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Back then, CAR Cream and CAR Lotion were created for the Royal Automobile Club to retain a gentleman’s hair style while driving. Now, Morgan and Truefitt and Hill are bringing the products back to market, adding nods to each company’s past in the new branding.

With plant extracts included and a delicate lily of the valley fragrance, the products are designed to hydrate and condition the hair, adding body and lustre without weighing it down.

Morgan Truefitt and Hill Hair Products

The products will be launched at the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court between August 31 and September 2, with prices starting from £27 for both products.

To celebrate the launch, however, there will also be 50 Truefitt and Hill x Morgan Motor limited-edition leather washbags. Taking inspiration from both brands, the wash bags are described as “military wet pack meets tool roll”. Each bag is numbered with its own Morgan chassis plate, and comes with one of the products, plus a Truefitt and Hill-branded horn comb.

Morgan Truefitt and Hill Hair Products

Joanna Broughton of Truefitt & Hill said: “We are delighted to be joining forces with Morgan – an iconic name in British motoring. We are proud to associate CAR Cream and CAR Lotion, both of which continue to be one of Truefitt & Hill’s most popular hair maintenance preparations, with Morgan, a brand with such remarkable history and heritage.”

Steve Morris, managing director of Morgan Motor Company, added: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with another great British brand, Truefitt & Hill. The story of their long-established company captured our imaginations and the similarities between Morgan and Truefitt have been evident throughout our time working together. The revival of the CAR Cream and CAR Lotion provides a fitting opportunity for us to collaborate.”

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