A recent appearance at the Green Hell seems to suggest so

We know the McLaren Senna is fast, very fast in fact. Its twin-turbo V8 makes 789 bhp and is only saddled with just over 1,180 kilograms of supercar to lug around. It matches the mighty P1 in a straight line almost perfectly, giving up a bit of ground only once speeds reach those normally reserved for jumbo jets. It’s also very fast around a track, but exactly how fast – specifically at the Nürburgring – isn’t known. Based on what we see in the above video, perhaps that could soon change.

The Senna's got game

Automotive Mike on YouTube nabbed footage of a very black Senna at the Green Hell, wearing a very red proclamation on both sides identifying it as VP724-P15 Prototype Vehicle. We aren’t elbows-deep in the McLaren skunkworks but we suspect VP stands for Validation Prototype, based on our personal experience driving Validation Prototype 736 at Silverstone back in May. That car was orange, and the side markings were far less visible. It almost seems like McLaren wants people to know it’s running a prototype at the ‘Ring.

McLaren Senna At Nürburgring

Does this mean there’s a new player hunting for a Nürburgring record? The world is still getting used to the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ being the ‘Ring King for production cars, with its black-magic aero package netting the hypercar a 6:44.97 lap time around the Nordschleife. However, the Italian bull is significantly heavier than the Senna – approximately 272 kg to be specific – and its big V12 isn’t as powerful as the Senna’s boosted mill. Add in the tremendous downforce McLaren dialled into the track-oriented hypercar, and you quickly realise there is considerable potential for it to eclipse the Lambo’s record.

McLaren Senna At Nürburgring

This video doesn’t show much on-track action, and the driver is clearly taking it easy. You can bet, however, that spy photographers and videographers will be keeping a close eye on the Nürburgring to see if McLaren does try to go for the gold. 

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