It’s still summer, which means the Nurburgring is open for public drives almost every day. We’ve seen a couple of nasty accidents in July and August, and today’s video is here to prove once again you should never underestimate even a single corner on the Green Hell.

What we have here is a Chevrolet Corvette Z06 with Performance Package lapping the track at a steady but not super-fast pace. Going into a right corner, the driver keeps a good trajectory, but shortly after the apex the car mysteriously loses traction. The next couple of seconds are crucial, but the driver misses the point where the car can be controlled. A hit into the barriers is the unfortunate, but natural outcome.

Recent Green Hell crashes

We are not here to judge, but, judging by the Corvette's behaviour, we assume the driver was running it with a deactivated electronic stability program. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but, hey - you have to be a really talented and experienced pilot to take this risk. As mentioned, the Green Hell doesn’t forgive anyone who dares to challenge its corners without the required skills and patience.

Luckily, the driver and (most likely) his girlfriend escape the accident without a scratch. But, instead of getting behind the safety guardrail, the couple remains on the track, next to the crashed car, fiddling with their phones. Doing something that grabs all your attention away from your surroundings while standing on a race track is definitely not the smartest thing to do.

What’s the moral of the story? Unless you are a professional driver, always keep your ESC activated on track, remain focused, and pay attention to all the little details. And, if the worst thing happens and you crash, just be smart enough not to provoke another accident.