The BMW M1 is one of the most iconic cars from the German automaker. The evocative wedge-shaped design is still jaw-dropping. BMW built just 453 examples from 1978 to 1981, making pristine examples rare and expensive. Even trashed examples fetch six figures, so when one enthusiast discovered a crashed example on Bring A Trailer, he gobbled it up in 2015 with the hopes of one day doing something with it. A year later he bought another wrecked M1 – this one having melted in a fire. 

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The owner, who goes by PKI on Bring A Trailer wanted to take parts from both a make a running M1. One had front-end damage while the other was missing its rear. However, as PKI recalls in his post on Bring A Trailer, “…it occurred to me that things can be done to a wreck (or a pair of wrecks) that would be borderline criminal to do to a working, running car.” Instead of turning these two M1s into Frankenstein’s monster, he decided to turn the two into one piece of wall art. 

BMW M1 wall art car

The car has a lightweight frame and complete interior to give the appearance the car is ready to drive. The exterior was given show-quality paint, and the beautiful engine from the wrecked M1 he bought in 2015 was put on display. 

“A lot of hours were spent by many very talented individuals to make this idea of an M1 Art Display a reality, but finally, in early June 2018, I had a BMW M1 hanging from my wall,” writes PKI. 
The time-lapse video shows how the builders put the car on the wall, creating a unique pull system to lift one side of the car up from a level position while sliding it into place so it could be secured. PKI got the idea from browsing the comments on the original article highlighting the crashed BMW. Someone suggested turning the car into art, and the rest is history. 

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