The new Superveloce Jota is on everyone’s lips these days in a conversion about Lamborghinis, but the “lesser” Aventador S is now trying to get the media’s attention courtesy of Mansory. The controversial tuner is introducing an extensive carbon fibre package for the V12 raging bull, which includes more than just the obvious rear wing and the add-on body parts.

The latest from Mansor

Trivia: What does Mansory’s Aventador S have in common with the mighty Chiron Sport? That would have to be the carbon fibre windscreen wipers. Yes, owners of the raging bull can ask the tuner to replace the standard windscreen wiper covers with a lightweight set made from carbon fibre. We’re wondering how much weight can possibly be saved by switching to the custom wipers. In the case of the Bugatti, the new set is 77 percent lighter than the stock wipers.

Lamborghini Aventador S by Mansory

There’s a carbon fibre replacement for virtually everything you can think of, from the engine cover to the rear diffuser. Mansory can also throw in carbon fibre covers for the roof, A-pillars, boot, and side mirror caps, while the forged wheels come with a visible carbon inlay. The high-strength material has been used even for the headlight housings, and a customer gets to pick from a total of 15 different carbon fibre types available in a multitude of colours to make the Lamborghini stand out furthermore.

Lamborghini Aventador S by Mansory

The Aventador S is the latest in a string of customised high-end models tweaked by Mansory with carbon fibre being the main theme. Unlike older projects released by the German tuner in past years, these modified vehicles look surprisingly restrained, especially if the new parts are painted in the same color as the rest of the body. In this particular case, the add-ons come in a bare configuration to highlight the generous use of carbon fibre.

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