Nature’s wrath isn’t something that you could easily get out with, especially when speaking about cars. Hurricanes, tornadoes, hailstorms, earthquakes, and even volcanic eruptions are among the most destructive forces of nature that could trigger some sorts of anxiety if you’re living in areas where these usually occur.

Another thing to watch out for are flash floods. It’s needless to say that flood and automobiles aren’t the best buddies unless you’re driving a Land Rover. Imagine sleeping at night with your car parked in the garage then suddenly, you wake up in the morning and see it floating in knee-deep flood, completely wrecked. Such a bummer, right?

Nature freaks do occur, so it’s better to be safe

However, we might have just discovered a solution to flood-prone areas – the Flood Guard car bag. Yes, a bag. And it isn’t just any ordinary bag; it’s water-proof and water-tight, which could protect your vehicle from potential harms brought about by flash floods.

This product is the brainchild of Paul Dela Fuente from the Philippines, which is a flood-prone country in Asia – that explains the need for a solution like this. Nevertheless, the product is quite simple yet ingenious, not to mention, easy to use.

You just have to lay down the base of the bag, drive your car inside, zip it, and you’re good to go. It also comes with ropes so you can anchor your bagged vehicle onto posts, eliminating the fear of your ride floating towards unwanted places.

The Flood Guard car bag also comes in two sizes, medium and large, to fit all sorts of vehicles from compact sedans to midsize SUVs and pickup trucks. Both sizes are priced at the equivalent of about £450 without the delivery fee. If you like the idea, you can visit the Flood Guard Philippines website for more details about the product.

Watch this video to see how the Flood Guard works on water:


Source: Flood Guard PH

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