The Hennessey Venom F5 is real – at least, its engine is. Following 2017's SEMA debut, the Texas shop today pulled the sheet off the supercar's new 1,600bhp V8 at the Quail in Monterey. And it looks insane.

The massive 7.6-litre twin-turbocharged motor fulfills Hennessey's 1,600bhp promise. Constructed of billet aluminium with steel cylinder sleeves, it has tons of torque; the F5 will reportedly be able to produce 1,300lb-ft of torque at 4,400 rpm. Together with partners Shell and Pennzoil, the engine has been in development limbo for nearly five years.

Hennessey Venom F5 V8
Hennessey Venom F5 V8


The Venom F5 is truly insane

That 1,600bhp figure gives it about 100 more horses than both the Bugatti Chiron (1,479bhp) and Koenigsegg Regera (1,500bhp). By all accounts, it's the most powerful internal combustion engine in any production vehicle thus far. With all that power, there's only one thing on Hennessey's mind: record-breaking speed.

'We're feeling confident in our quest to set new records in 2019,' said John Hennessey at the debut. The most important of which will be the race to 300 miles per hour. Back in May, Hennessey promised that a sprint to 300 mph would take place sometime in 2019.

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Unlike the outgoing Venom, the new F5 will ride on a bespoke chassis built by Hennessey engineers – no more Lotus bones. The carbon fiber body will tip the scales at under 1,360 kilograms, with a drag coefficient of 0.33.

Just 24 examples of the Venom F5 will be built, each at a cost of approximately £1.24. But if you want one you better hurry – the first 15 build slots have already been accounted for.

Source: Hennessey

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