Mercedes knows the van life is the best kind of life to live and that’s why it has prepared an armada of camper vans and leisure vehicles to showcase at this year’s Caravan Salon organised in Düsseldorf, Germany. Take for example the Concept Marco Polo (video above), which is a little bit smarter than the usual V-Class upon which it’s based by incorporating features you’d normally find in a smart and connected home.

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Equipped with a new interface module dubbed "Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control" (MBAC), the Concept Marco Polo provides voice control support allowing the owner to fiddle with the air suspension, lights, and even with the pop-up roof, among other settings. It’s a taste of things to come as this feature will be launched next year for the new-generation Sprinter.

Speaking of which, the 2018 Caravan Salon is also hosting the Sprinter Connected Home demonstration vehicle (video above) equipped with the same MBAC system. It’s billed as a close-to-production vehicle, so what you see is basically what you’ll be able to get next year once van bodybuilders will start offering their Sprinter-based recreational vehicles.

Mercedes Concept Sprinter F-CELL
Mercedes Concept Sprinter F-CELL

Mercedes is also showcasing the Concept Sprinter F-Cell (pictured above) offering a maximum range of 330 miles and fast refueling capabilities. The rear-wheel-drive motorhome was originally unveiled at the beginning of July with up to four hydrogen tanks and a powertrain developing 147 bhp and 258 lb-ft of torque. Much like the GLC F-Cell, the hydrogen-fuelled Sprinter is a plug-in hybrid thanks to a rechargeable small battery pack offering 18 miles of range to supplement the fuel cells.

Other highlights of Mercedes’ stand at the Caravan Salon will be the first camper vans based on the new Sprinter, produced by HYMER (video below) and La Strada.

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