Friday is expected to be the busiest day, as commuters and holidaymakers mingle.

Heavy traffic is expected this weekend as millions of drivers hit the UK’s roads to make the most of the Bank Holiday weekend.

From Thursday, August 23, to Monday, August 27, as many as 14.4 million cars are expected to make summer leisure trips, the RAC has said.

The problems of congested roads:

The motoring organisation expects the majority of these journeys to be made on Friday and Saturday, with 3.6 million leisure trips each day. Thursday will follow close behind, with 3.2 million leisure journeys.

These vehicles will mingle with commuter traffic on Thursday and Friday, adding to the usual rush-hour congestion.

Data from transport analytics firm Inrix showed that the worst-hit location will be the M5 between J4 and J1 on Friday between 9.30am to 2pm. Around then, travel times are expected to increase by between about 20 and 80 minutes.


RAC traffic spokesman Rod Dennis said: “While the late August bank holiday is not typically one of the busiest on the roads due to it falling in the middle of the school holidays when people are already away, either in the UK or abroad, it still has huge potential to bring gridlock to major roads, especially if we were to see the sun make a welcome comeback.

“There are plenty of known hotspots on the motorway network but probably the single biggest one in the summer months is the Almondsbury interchange at Bristol, right by the RAC building, where the M5 and the M4 meet. As tens of thousands of drivers head for Devon and Cornwall the coming-together of traffic leads to regular tailbacks every Friday afternoon. Add a bank holiday and some sunshine into the mix and it’s the perfect recipe for a long wait on the motorway.”