If you ever want to re-enact the stunts from The Grand Tour but don't have the massive budget to make the dream a reality, there is about to be a video game that offers the experience in the digital world. A new trailer reveals The Grand Tour video game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and you can play it in just a few months.

Get A Tiny Preview Of The Grand Tour Season 3:

The 30-second trailer doesn't explain much about the game, but the YouTube description provides some more details. Players get to drive the cars and visit the locations from The Grand Tour. "If they drive a cool car, you can too. If they go to an amazing location, you can too," it claims.

The Grand Tour Video Game

A season pass for the game will even include action from the forthcoming third season of The Grand Tour. It'll allow players to download new vehicles and tracks from the new episode on the same day it premieres.

In a video with Hammond, May, and a giant, inflatable pink flamingo in a pool on Drive Tribe, the hosts reveal that the game should arrive around the time of the premiere of The Grand Tour season 3. Amazon doesn't yet say when the show returns, but look for it to begin streaming in the fall based on the start date of the previous two seasons.

The Grand Tour Video Game

Unfortunately, the game still looks rough at this stage. The gameplay trailer says this is "pre-alpha footage," which means there's still a lot of development to do. Right now, the graphics just aren't up to the calibre of the current crop of consoles, though. With just a few months before season 3 of the show starting, the developers have a whole lot of work to get done to give this game a more polished appearance. As an extra challenge, Forza Horizon 4 comes out on October 2 as the latest entry in a beloved franchise among fans of open-world driving games, and some people might elect to get it instead of The Grand Tour.

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