Modifying an exotic car is a bit tricky as there’s always a risk of overdoing it up to the point it looks like something from a Need for Speed game back when adding neon was deemed as cool. Novitec knows not to mess around too much with an original design, which is why most of their aftermarket projects follow the “less is more” ethos.

Find out how Novitec optimized other high-end sports cars:

Case in point, this McLaren 720S looks like something you’d see exiting the gates of the Woking factory, but it has actually been modified. Some subtle carbon fibre accents here and there build on the supercar’s design and dial the appeal up a notch. The discreet aero pack encompasses headlight inserts, a spoiler lip, side skirts, and a rear diffuser making the body look a tad bit more aggressive.

McLaren 720S by Novitec

There are also some miscellaneous carbon bits, such as decorative elements for the front bonnet, rear engine cover, side air intakes, and even for the door mirror caps. Rounding off the carbon package are the sill entrance panels reminding you it’s not a run-of-the-mill 720S.

Novitec can get rid of the stock wheels to make room for its forged set measuring 20 inches at the front and 21 inches for the rear axle. The rims come in black, silver or anthracite as standard, but the tuner will be more than happy to paint them in just about any desired colour. The new shoes can be paired with a set of lowering springs and aluminium wheel spacers for both axles.

McLaren 720S by Novitec

The twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 engine has also gone through some changes as it no longer develops the stock 710 bhp and 568 lb-ft of torque. Novitec’s engineers worked their magic to extract a beefy 794 bhp and 648 lb-ft.

With the power kit installed, the McLaren will complete the 0-62 mph journey in 2.7 seconds or two tenths of a second quicker than the standard car. In addition, hitting 124 mph from a standstill takes 7.5 seconds, down by 0.3s. Flat out, it’ll do 215 mph, which is a little bit more than the standard 720S.

McLaren 720S by Novitec

The upgraded V8 engine can be complemented by a custom exhaust system with stainless steel end tips or for those willing to go all out, there’s an Inconel exhaust available with or without Novitec’s flap control module allowing the driver to modify the exhaust’s note.

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