Exige and Evora hit the track to burn rubber and create art.

Lotus is celebrating its 70th anniversary with the release of a smoky new film that shows the creation of a unique birthday logo.

Using two of its most popular models – the Exige and Evora 410 Sport models - the company burned rubber to print a “70th tribute logo” on the skid pan at the company’s Hethel test track.

Lotus in the news:

According to the Norfolk-based brand, the video was created without CGI, although the company did admit to chewing up “more than a few” sets of tyres.

It’s all the more impressive when you learn that Lotus did not enlist the services of Fernando Alonso or even Sabine Schmitz, but used two of the company’s own staff. Gavan Kershaw, Lotus’ head of attributes, and Daniel Peck, a vehicle dynamics engineer, were the two men picked out for the task.

Lotus Exige Sport 410 first drive

The video shows the two drivers performing precise drifts and burnouts to draw a perfect ‘70’ on the track and ring it with a circle of rubber.

Lotus says the video was shot on the day, showing highlights of the action as it happened, then pulling away to an ‘eye in the sky’ to reveal the 70 logo.

A statement from the company said the stunt was designed to celebrate the ethos of its famous founder, Colin Chapman.

Lotus Exige Sport 410 70th anniversary

“[This is] a light-hearted celebration as the company continues to mark the genius of Lotus founder Colin Chapman,” the statement read. “In 1948, Chapman built his first competition car in a small London lock-up garage, following his own theories for improved performance. He formed Lotus Engineering in 1952 and from there the company continued to innovate in both road and race engineering. Changing the very nature and intent of car design forever, Chapman was at the vanguard of a new way of thinking and his concepts are as relevant today as they were 70 years ago.”

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