It’s quite tricky to keep track of what’s going on with Mercedes’ expanding compact car lineup. There are now not one, but two A-Class Saloon models, yet spy shots have shown a new CLA is on its way. You’d think the vast family of models already has enough crossovers to suit everyone’s tastes, but a new one dubbed GLB is on the agenda with a boxy shape akin to the G-Class. Perhaps the least appealing compact car from Mercedes is this, the B-Class.

See the latest spy shots:

Even though sales numbers of the current-generation minivan have never impressed, Mercedes is determined to keep the B-Class alive to fight its archrival from BMW, the 2 Series Active Tourer. The front-wheel-drive Bimmer can also be had in a roomier seven-seat guise, but we haven’t heard anything from Daimler about giving the B-Class two extra seats.

2019 Mercedes B-Class spy photo

Putting to good use the latest batch of spy shots, we’ve decided to imagine the 2019 B-Class without the annoying camouflage. It’ll be more than just an A-Class with a taller roofline and a bigger greenhouse as photo and videos of prototypes have shown Mercedes has made efforts to separate the minivan from the regular hatchback. Our render depicts a high-end variant of the posh people-mover, complete with the glitzy “diamond” front grille and stylish two-tone alloy wheels.

2019 Mercedes B-Class spy photo

If you’re among the very few who would rather have a sportier version, chances are Mercedes won’t have a B-Class model that’ll meet your requirements. It’s hard to imagine an AMG B-Class such as a B35 let alone a B45 since demand for these two would virtually be nonexistent. The B250 (in Germany) with its 208 bhp will have to suffice, and should come equipped with a dual-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission and an optional 4Matic setup.

Mercedes hasn’t said a word about when it will introduce the new B-Class, but with prototypes carrying less and less camo, an official reveal might take place soon.

Render: Automedia

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