Take an exotic location on the French Riviera, add an exotic Italian supercar, and good things are bound to happen. ExoticCarspotters on YouTube recently went to Monaco, where to nobody’s surprise there was a Ferrari F40 cruising around town. The aptly named video channel had camera gear on-hand (they are in the business of spotting exotic cars after all) and the result is the video you see above – nearly four minutes of a very angry sounding F40 popping like a package of firecrackers tossed into a metal garbage bin.

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That shouldn’t suggest we’re saying this Ferrari sounds like garbage. It’s pretty much impossible to make the F40’s twin-turbo V8 sound like, say, a malfunctioning food blender. The video description says the car in question is packing Tubi straight pipes for the exhaust, and judging by the constant gunfire of raw fuel detonating in the pipes, we absolutely believe it. Unfortunately, the F40 driver is hampered by the confines of Monaco’s city streets, so these mini-explosions are pretty much all we get to hear. Now we understand why the title of this video says terrorising the streets of Monaco instead of tantalising.

Ferrari F40 In Monaco

Still, what’s not to like about seeing the greatest supercar of the 1980s cruising the streets? Okay Porsche fans, it’s arguably the greatest ‘80’s supercar. The 959 is amazing in its own right, but to be completely honest, we’ve never heard a 959 sound as remotely good as the F40 in full attack mode, especially when the straight-pipe Tubis are in effect. This video totally doesn’t do the car or its exhaust system justice. The Monaco authorities aren't much help either, as they've taken to cracking down on supercar drivers to some degree.

Frankly, if we had that car in a place like Monaco, we’re not sure we could restrain ourselves as well as this driver did.

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