Porsche's latest teaser for the Project Gold finally shows us what it uses for power and provides a better look at the bodyshell. We also see the complex wiring harness that's necessary to keep things going.

Porsche now confirms that the Project Gold features a 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat six that produces 444 bhp. If this engine sounds vaguely familiar, it's because the mill is also in the rare 993-generation Porsche 911 Turbo S. We have been speculating that this seldom-seen Porsche model might be the basis for the Project Gold since the original teaser arrived several weeks ago. The team at Porsche Classic completely rebuilt the engine to make sure the powerplant was up to the demands of this project.

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This clip also provides a better look at Project Gold's body and suggests that portions of the interior are in a matching precious-metal-inspired colour as the exterior. The paint has a very deep hue that varies among bronze, burnt orange, and gold depending on the lighting. 

Previous teasers have revealed Project Gold's other upgrades over a standard 993-model 911 Turbo S which include special wheels with gold stripes around the centre and rim, in addition to the special seats with gold accents in the perforated leather centre sections and matching stitching.

There's no official word yet when Porsche intends to unveil Project Gold, but the automaker has another teaser on the way on August 24. At this point, there's not much left to conceal, so we have to wonder if the company is preparing to debut the car at the Pebble Beach Concours on August 26. If not, don't expect too much longer of a wait to finally know what the German automaker is making with this effort.