It is well know around the world that Chuck Norris is the strongest and most powerful man who ever lived – he can make onions cry and puts the laughter in manslaughter. Legend has it that death once had a near-Chuck Norris experience. 

But did you know that there is a heretofore unseen aspect to the power of Norris? He can transfer his mad punching skills to inanimate objects with his mystical Sharpie, rendering them all but unstoppable. How do we know this? 

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Well, it’s all thanks to a new advert being shown in the USA for the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck – the best-selling midsize pickup in the country, no less. In the advert, a man spots the leathery-faced Norris standing outside a shop smashing cinder blocks with his bare fists and asks action superstar if he will sign his truck. Hilarity ensues. 

The advert was put together by longtime Toyota creative collaborator Saatchi and Saatchi, famous for getting Margaret Thatcher elected back in 1979, and it shows off the wide capabilities of the Tacoma, which include burning rubber on to asphalt in an exact representation of Chuck Norris’s face (useful, because it is otherwise invisible to cameras because he moves so quickly), pulling a man out of the ground and… surfing. 

Although it must be said that that last bit does come with a very strict ‘don’t try this at home’ warning. But what’s the point of putting something in an advert if the car can’t actually do it? It demands to be tested. 

Anyway – if you’d like to buy a Tacoma it will cost you from £19,960 for the Access Cab I4 SR version before local sales taxes as well as the inevitable thousands to get it over to the UK and have it registered. It might be easier just to enjoy the advert.