They say that money can’t buy happiness, but it also seems that it can’t get you driving sense or a clear patch of road. At least that’s judging by the video of this McLaren 720S getting rear-ended on a motorway in Thailand. 

Dashcam footage has emerged of the bizarre accident, which shows the £200,000 supercar bouncing between lanes at high speed closely followed by a Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe along the motorway between capital city Bangkok and Pattaya.

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What the pair don’t realise as they swerve into the middle lane is that there are roadworks up ahead and cars are coming to a stop. The McLaren manages to stop in time thanks to its powerful brakes, while the high-performance Mercedes shifts quickly into the left-hand lane. 

The accident comes courtesy of a Chevrolet pickup truck also speeding along behind the twosome, which doesn’t spot the stationary traffic up ahead either, but isn’t able to benefit from the brakes of a sports car. 

The Chevy comes screeching to a halt, locking up its rear wheels and skidding sideways, before hitting the back of the 720S and also knocking into the side of an innocent Toyota in outside lane. 

Fortunately it appears that no one was injured in the Thai fender bender, but the damage to the back of the McLaren certainly won’t buff out – we’d hate to be on the receiving end of the repair bill for that back bumper. Drive safe, kids.

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