He's put smiles on the faces of many with his work restoring classics on Car SOS, but now Fuzz Townshend is teaming up with a modern, up and coming brand.

The TV star, real name John Townshend, has been announced as a brand ambassador for Korean carmaker SsangYong. One of his duties in his new position will be to get behind the wheel of the company's new Musso pickup.

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"I’m proud to become a brand ambassador for SsangYong in the UK and look forward to working with the team," said Fuzz.  "I love the new Musso – it’s perfect for my lifestyle.  I drive a lot of miles and live deep into the countryside where a proper 4x4 pick-up is essential.  Always tough and well-engineered, SsangYong is a growing brand in the UK, and its products are very good now in terms of styling, comfort and equipment.  This new vehicle is seriously impressive."

Nick Laird, managing director for SsangYong Motor UK added: "This is an incredibly exciting time for our brand with fantastic new products like Rexton and new Musso.  We are all really looking forward to working with Fuzz and think he will make an excellent and highly relevant ambassador for the brand."

Car SOS star Fuzz Townshend becomes SsangYong ambassador

The rugged Musso was first shown at the Geneva motor show earlier this year. Its name means rhinoceros in Korean, and you can see why that name was chosen – the truck has a rugged and muscular appearance, and impressive off-road capabilities, which is expected coming from the only dedicated SUV manufacturer from the world's fastest emerging market.

Despite the modern, and admittedly impressive, looks, underneath the Musso is old school. Like the manufacturer's flagship Rexton on which it is based, the Musso is built using a simple body on frame technique. That hasn't compromised structural integrity though. The Musso is built using high strength 1.5Gpa-grade steel in its quad-frame – a world first. Ssangyong says makes the car stiffer than its competitors, while also helping to reduce weight.

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