The Supra is that kind of car you see just about everywhere. It’s in movies, videos games, on the Internet, and of course, in the real world. It hasn’t been on sale for more than 15 years, yet not a day goes by that someone, somewhere, doesn’t think about buying or at least driving one. Toyota has been toying with our emotions about bringing it back since early 2014 when it unveiled the FT-1 concept, but it wasn’t until very recently when the “Supra” moniker was actually confirmed for a much-awaited return.

After the GR Supra Racing concept for Gran Turismo Sport and the Supra prototype shown at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, fans from all over the world are anxious to see the production car. However, we will have to patiently wait a few more weeks or even a couple of months until the wraps will finally come off the fifth-generation Supra (A90).

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To ease the wait, the talented folks from the Cars Evolution channel on YouTube have decided to look into the Supra’s rearview mirror by providing a crash course in Supra history. The story starts at the end of the 1970s when the original model (A40) part of the Celica family was launched. It wasn’t until 1986 with the launch of the third-gen car (A70) when the “Celica” name was dropped, thus allowing the Supra to become a standalone model.

As with virtually every other car out there, the Supra gained more and more power with each new generation, starting off with a little over 100 bhp before hitting the 320-bhp mark for its fourth generation (A80). The all-new Supra will up the power ante once more by offering a rumoured 335 bhp from a turbocharged six-cylinder 3.0-litre engine of BMW origins.

Just by looking at this virtual parade you can tell the next-gen Supra has some big shoes to fill, so hopefully, the A90 will be a worthy successor by living up to the hype.

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