Deliveries will start next year.

A new video and photos are providing a much better look at the Milan Red. Markus Fux the Austrian entrepreneur behind the supercar aims to put the wild machine on the road in 2019. Despite the eye-watering price of 1.8 million euros (£1.6 million at current exchange rates), there are already 18 reservations for the 99-unit production run.

The Milan Red Flies Into The Hypercar Landscape:

To be worth that price, the Milan Red needs some serious performance, and the machine appears to offer it. A 6.2-litre, quad-turbo V8 pumps out a claimed 1,307 bhp and 1,303 pound-feet of torque. A seven-speed gearbox sends this power exclusively to the rear wheels. The company claims the hypercar can hit 62 mph in 2.47 seconds and achieve a top speed above 249 mph. To keep the weight down to 1,300 kilograms the suspension wishbones and the chassis' entire load-bearing structure are carbon fibre.

Gallery: 2018 Milan Red Hypercar

The design features two gargantuan intakes in the front that are so big that the headlights actually incorporate into them. Strakes split them into multiple sections, which breaks up the styling, in addition to directing air where it needs to be. Similarly, there are huge vents in the sides for feeding the mid-mounted engine's four turbos. The Milan Red gets its name from a type of bird of prey, and the array of LEDs in the taillights evoke the feathers in a hawk's wings.

While there are no photos of the cabin yet, the company claims it's a high-tech place. The interior has all the modern amenities, plus there's a gauge that visualises the driver's heart rate.

A running technical prototype will debut at the 2019 Vienna Auto Show in January, according to Autofilou. The company will then reveal the final car at the Geneva Motor Show in March and will deliver the first one in the middle of next year.

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